Since mid-2018, SCHOMERUS has been offering services relating to digitization within the digital competence area. The focus of our work is to make you fit for the digital age and thus secure the future viability of your society.

With Dr. Sebastian Brauer, SCHOMERUS has been able to gain an expert from exam-related IT consulting. Together with Kai Comberg, who as a long-term partner of SCHOMERUS brings his experience in testing and consulting of information systems, he will lead the digital competence area. Together, they are at your side with over 30 years of experience in interdisciplinary client care for questions on the way to the digital world.

An essential part of the digital competence area is the simplification of organizational processes through the consistent digitization of business processes. The revision of your internal processes and the realignment of data flows offer us the opportunity to optimize the existing data repositories and to make them better usable for decision-making controlling and reporting tools – especially for sales management – through the introduction of business intelligence solutions. With these targeted "Big Data" analyzes, we tickle valuable information from your data to underpin strategic decisions so that you do not lose sight of your chances of success and can continue to use them effectively.

Together we will take care of current topics such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which, in addition to a flawless data protection declaration, also requires the realignment of internal data flows and the technical integration of your customers. Our "quick checks" on information security provide you with a status report on your IT organization and valuable insights into whether your systems are adequately protected against the next attack from the network.

For association-wide service companies and providers of software solutions, we see ourselves as the point of contact for the creation of recognized certificates and attestations so that you can confirm the high quality of your services to your customers.

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Digital transformation

The dynamic development in your industry forces you to constantly realign internal processes or to rethink the entire company structure. In view of increasing requirements with scarce human resources, these must be effectively mastered through digitization. Digitization also offers opportunities to significantly reduce administrative costs and create scope for strategic projects and the development of new markets. Take the chance now to reflect on your business model in the light of digital transformation.

IT Compliance

Due to the constant digitization of corporate processes, the topics of data protection and information security have achieved a high level of importance, which has increased further due to the EU GDPR and various cyber attacks. As an entrepreneur, you have to ensure comprehensive protection of customer data. Failure to comply with the complex rules can result in severe penalties that can endanger the continued existence of the company. Likewise, the damage caused by arbitrary cyber attacks is difficult to assess and in many cases, without suitable security measures, can become a threat to the very existence of the company.

Data protection

As an entrepreneur, you have to ensure comprehensive protection of customer data. Failure to comply with the complex rules can result in severe penalties that can endanger the continued existence of the company. We screen your IT systems and present you with measures to improve security or completely relieve you of the burden by appointing the data protection officer.

How does digitization make your company successful? We will help you.

Our company is organized as a partnership, and each partner personally takes care of the needs of his/her client.

Our partners see themselves as long-term companions, maintain regular contact, keep their knowledge up to date and thus always have a comprehensive overview of the current situation.

You coordinate the internal resources and are responsible for ensuring that Schomerus provides sound and creative advice and develops first-class solutions that are well thought-out down to the last detail - for you.

If you would like a planning meeting with us, we look forward to it, no matter where you are based. Ask for a non-binding offer or request references:

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Dr. Sebastian Brauer

Dr. Sebastian Brauer
Certified public accountant
Tax Advisor, CISA
+49 40 37601 - 00

Profile of Dr. Sebastian Brauer

Kai Comberg

Kai Comberg
Certified public accountant
Tax adviser, CISA
+49 40 37601-00

Profile of Kai Comberg

Thomas Schulte

Thomas Schulte
Senior Manager IT-Compliance
Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)
IT Auditor (IDW)
Data Protection Officer (TÜV)
Information Security Officer (TÜV)
+49 40 37601-2452

Dr. Mario Wagner

Dr. Mario Wagner
Certified Tax Adviser
+49 40 37601-2464
Office: Hamburg

Profile of Dr. Mario Wagner