Our mindset.

Schomerus sees itself as a multidisciplinary advisor to small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). Our clients include German and international business enterprises, most of them SMEs, of all legal forms and from a wide range of manufacturing, retail and service sectors, along with private owners of major real estate and capital assets and senior executives of large corporations.

Our Creed: Always Thinking.

Thinking jointly, comprehensively and unconventionally. Thinking constructively and creatively.

The quest for answers to the issues of the time requires joint endeavours and solutions that are thought through from start to finish. Knowledge is the basis of our work, thinking is our principle, and thinking ahead – and further ahead – is what we endeavour to do.

To us, thinking means thinking in a networked, interdisciplinary, cross-specialisation way, taking a critical look behind the facts and taking all of the business, fiscal and legal aspects and interdependencies into consideration.

Hard Work Never Did Any Harm.

The aim of the advice that we offer is to provide our clients with support by means of short-, medium- and long-term solutions. To do so, we must analyse complex situations, recognise and interpret contexts and connections and develop solutions that will in all probability lead to the best possible results.

Sound specialised knowledge and experience help us to weigh up risks and opportunities, and the critical examination of the solutions found that is a most fundamental part of our conception of ourselves seldom goes ahead without internal discussion.

“Hard work” at times also means we abandon solutions that may be good but are just not good enough. That is why, at Schomerus, you will always find the first solutions where they belong – in the waste paper basket.

A Team is Better at Finding Good Solutions.

We appreciate intensive discussions with our clients just as we appreciate cross-departmental debate with our employees and with the employees of our partner companies. We jointly open up complex issues, jointly draw up our proposals and jointly discuss improvements so that we can find the best solution for our clients.

Each of our clients is looked after personally by a partner who is directly responsible for him and manages in-house workflows in a targeted and efficient way. This partner is as a rule an expert in his field and is available with his know-how to answer any questions that arise. Over 100 employees of whom nearly one in three has a professional qualification (auditor, lawyer, tax consultant) and a large number of staff with training in economics and law support our partners in their work. For special tasks we set up inter-disciplinary professional teams including our partner companies and, if need be, outside specialists.

Inspiration Enriches Thought.

We keep our specialised knowledge up to date with professional training and further training, and numerous publications, seminars, lectures and recognised specialist commentaries by our partners add to and extend the range of services that we provide. At Schomerus, cross-departmental thinking is “institutionalised” by means of given workflows, discussions and reciprocal checks.

Advice that aims to provide added value should add external inspiration to knowledge and thinking. That is why we encourage our employees and partners to pursue voluntary activities outside the scope of their professional field and why we seek regular discussions with professionals in other fields.

We see ourselves not just as auditors, advisers and purveyors of ideas but as lateral thinkers who suggest visions – and if need be as “critical brakemen” too who bring others back to the facts and down to earth.