HLB is close to its customers – across Germany

The globalisation of business as well as spectacular corporate crises in the past have increasingly changed the market conditions and environment for tax advisors and auditors.

Since 1972 the independent tax advisors and business auditors have come together under the HLB name and the covering of HLB Treuhand GmbH to form a national organisation that meets the requirements of its clients for national and international competence. The member companies work closely together on joint projects with uniform quality standards that have been reviewed.

The HLB members are among the first auditing companies in Germany to have already completed quality control in line with Section 57 a ff of the German Auditors’ Regulations (WPO) (Peer Review) as early as 2002 in order to achieve the certification required under job law to handle seal-bearing audit requests in line with Section 2 Para. 1 WPO. On this basis the German HLB partner offices have set standards for their work that go beyond the statutory requirements and are laid down in a quality manual that has been agreed jointly. The offices have agreed a common approach for auditing and documentation as well as other matters. This enables the HLB offices, which act independently in the marketplace, to have joint access to specialists. As the work practices are comparable everywhere this reduces the time required to understand the matter at hand. There is also joint knowledge management. Each network partner benefits from the expertise of others with uniformly documented best practice examples. The HLB association organises joint ongoing training for its employees. Current specialist subjects – for example changes in tax law – are discussed in working groups. All association partners use a joint IT platform and contribute to unifying processes and reducing costs.

Strong personal involvement by partners and employees in the legally independent associated companies, a wide-ranging understanding of the demands of medium-sized companies in particular, professionalism, competence and global connections - these are the matters that characterise the German HLB Group.