The sum of experience is reflected by our diversity. And our approach to achieve the goal confidently.

SCHOMERUS – we are auditors, lawyers, tax advisers and management consultants who complement one another, share opinions, offer each other suggestions and are willing to collaborate across their specialisations. Each of our clients is looked after by a partner who manages internal processes efficiently and ensures that heated debate leads to the right conclusions and working papers lead to draft versions that are ready to sign.

Find out more about our range of services below:

Legal advice

We work with a multidisciplinary consulting approach. Legal advice in multiple fields dealing with national but also international questions for and with you is a decisive field and service we provide.

Management consulting

At Schomerus & Partner we have a decades-long experience functioning as basis for a sound assessment and evaluation when preparing entrepreneurial decisions and consulting the management.

Real Estate Business

For a long time, Schomerus consults owners of real estate property – private or business related – as well as real estate businesses. Our clients are domestic and foreign investors, real estate developers, architects, construction companies, real-estate agents and property- and asset managers.


Especially complex issues and questions containing international matters and interrelations require in the medium-size sector more than only knowledge of import and export regulations. We offer a broad range of competence, experience and services in international matters.


The basis for every business related evaluation, as well as cost planning, monitoring and success control of your company is the business accounting. We offer deep knowledge and individualized consulting in this area.

Tax consulting

Multiple and ongoing changes in the area of tax law in Germany increases complexity and depth of regulations enormously. We take that challenge for you and offer tax consulting in German tax law and international matters.


Business audits are more than just legal obligations. If you know how it works, with experience and expertise the results and insights of an audit often lead to room for improvements.