Thinking Long-Term

In the real estate business, long-term strategic decisions are often made that can only be reversed to a limited extent. That is why the specific financial risks and the legal, economic, fiscal and balance sheet consequences require advisors with foresight, experience, and passion.

Our Clients

Our passion is for people and their enterprises, not for bricks and mortar.
Schomerus has long advised owners of corporate and private real estate portfolios and real estate companies. Our clients include domestic and foreign investors, developers, architects, construction companies, brokers, property and asset managers.

Our Services

Advice on Tax Structuring

  • Restructuring of real estate portfolios to optimize inheritance tax, gift tax, and income taxes
  • Optimization of sales/value-added tax
  • Structuring the acquisition and disposal of real estate and real estate companies
  • Avoidance of pitfalls with land transfer tax
  • Accounting, annual financial statements and tax decleration
  • Financial accounting in close work with property-Managers
  • Preperation of annual financial statements / cash method of accounting
  • Turnover tax advance returns, consulting the process of registration of construction-based withholding tax, income taxes for all legal forms
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly reporting for domestic and foreign investors

Accounting, Annual Financial Statements and Tax Returns

  • Financial accounting in close collaboration with real estate managements
  • Drawing up annual financial statements or statements of net income
  • Preliminary value-added tax returns, advice on applying for a building tax reduction, income tax returns for all legal entities
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting to domestic and foreign investors

Legal Advice

  • Construction and architectural law
  • Private and commercial tenancy law
  • Real estate and property law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Company law
  • Real estate due diligence

Auditing Services

  • Annual financial statements in accordance with commercial law
  • Annual consolidated financial statements in accordance with commercial law
  • International financial statements (to IFRS and U.S. GAAP)
  • Audits according to the German real estate and property developer ordinance (MaBV)
  • System audits/IT audits
  • Special restructuring audits
  • Business valuation

Working Together

People are always the connecting link between client and consultant. That is why we insist on involving our partners closely in the mandate, and not only in the strategic but also in the day-to-day work. In this way our clients’ decision makers always have a contact who is ready to advise and look after them directly and close to the problem. On special aspects he can rely on the in-house assistance of competent colleagues. If you would like to hold a planning discussion with us we would be delighted to oblige, no matter where your company is based. Ask for an offer without engagement or request references from