We support you with ongoing tax advice as well as with special questions

The complexity and depth of regulation for German tax law is enormous. This is heightened by constant changes. Every day companies face decisions that could have tax consequences. International issues are becoming ever more complicated. We have made excellent preparations for these challenges and have international arrangements in place as a result of our membership of HLB.

When it comes to tax advice we prepare annual accounts for our clients and it goes without saying that we offer comprehensive support in fulfilling your tax obligations. We also develop tax arrangements for our clients that are carefully matched to their requirements. We also represent them in tax proceedings, both in and outside of court.

We work on the following areas for our clients, plenty of them have been clients for many years:

  • Regular tax consultancy
  • Strategic tax planning, comparison of tax burdens
  • Tax structuring consultancy
  • International tax law and consulting
  • Tax-optimal structuring of groups of companies
  • Sales tax and VAT consultancy
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Non-profit organisation law
  • Opinions and surveys on individual tax issues
  • Representation in tax-related criminal cases
  • Inheritance and gift tax planning
  • Looking after German subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Tax advice for shipping companies