Janina Aurich, LL.M.

Certified Public Accountant

Beruflicher Werdegang

After completing her Bachelor's degree in "Business Law" at Wildau University of Applied Sciences (2006 to 2009), Janina Aurich worked for an auditing firm in London (2009/2010). She completed her master's degree in "Business Law" at the Wildau University of Applied Sciences in early 2013. Already during and after this study she worked at a Big-Four accounting firm.

During her many years at large auditing firms, she served not only commercial companies in the automotive, hotel and publishing industries, but also public companies and non-profit corporations in particular. Her clients include nursing homes, humanitarian and fundraising organizations, in particular workshops for disabled people.

In addition, she has many years of experience in the field of audits of national and EU-funded projects, in particular projects of the European Social Fund, the European Fund for Regional Development as well as various measures from the 7th Research Framework Program and its successor program ("H2020").

She passed the auditor's exam in November 2020; she was appointed as auditor in January 2021.


Janina Aurich is your contact for topics in the area of annual audits of public companies, foundations and associations, as well as for questions regarding general tax advice.


  • Annual audits of foundations and associations

  • Audits of annual and consolidated financial statements of medium-sized companies of various legal forms

  • Audits of national and EU funded projects

  • Work performance audits of workshops for handicapped people

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